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I began working in the health and fitness industry in 1984. Over the past 35 years I have worked with thousands of clients in the quest of optimizing physical function and performance. My career as a physical therapist, wellness educator, and coach has provided me with many opportunities for growth and inspiration.

My degrees are Master of Science in Exercise Science and Wellness Education from Arizona State University,  Master of Physical Therapy  from Northern Arizona University, and Bachelor of Science in Health and Fitness Promotion with a Minor in Business Administration from Salisbury University.


As a physical therapist, I have specialized in the rehabilitation of sports and orthopedic injuries.  In my quest to become a master clinician I affiliated with the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, USA Track and Field, the American College of Sports Medicine, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties, and the University of St. Augustine – Institute of Physical Therapy.  I have received certifications that include Exercise Test Technologist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Board-Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and Certified Manual Therapist (advanced manipulation of the spine/extremities, and other techniques).  I have worked in a variety of capacities as a clinician, manager, and owner of a sports training and rehabilitation clinic. My focus is on movement analysis and correction for athletes of all levels. I’ve taken over 100 continuing education courses to date, covering practically every area in sports and orthopedic physical therapy including functional assessment, athlete management, treatment interventions, and integrative programming. There is a very good chance that if there is a technique or school of thought in physical therapy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, or athletic preparation…I’ve attended that seminar, read that book, and incorporate some of those methods into my own client management system.

I am currently passionately active in the telePT environment, providing online PT services in my work with The Lifetime Body. I am and will be a lifelong advocate for the physical therapy profession and the important role that PT’s can play in the health of America.

Throughout my career I have also been involved in teaching, training, and presenting in a variety of related fields. This has included teaching health and physical education courses at the college level, conducting employee wellness and ergonomics training, and presenting at professional conferences and in other forums. It has always been extremely gratifying for me to be able to deliver the message of health and empower a group to utilize knowledge.


My volunteer work has been focused in coaching, sports officiating, and event promotion/direction, both in youth and adult programs. I feel strongly that community service is an important component of optimal living and citizenship. I enjoy seeing people have fun and succeed and I encourage everyone to get involved with something in which their skills and interest can also be of service.

My energies are currently focused in the work I do with The Lifetime Body. I apply my lifelong interest in human performance, and my zeal for sharing information about optimal living with others through writing, speaking, and a variety of media that includes books and e-books, videos, podcasts, and blog and magazine articles. I view this work as a platform for innovation in the delivery of fitness and health education services. I am extremely thankful to be able to work in such a capacity and I truly hope to make a contribution to the health, fitness, performance, and quality of life of everyone I meet.


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