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Eating and Training: Getting Results

Or you could call it “Fasting, Feeding, and Fitness.” Or a “Festival of Exercise and Feasting.” Or not.   Let’s get right into this perspective on how what and when we eat (or don’t) can impact our workout performance, recovery, and conditioning gains. In this week’s podcast, PK and I discussed several factors surrounding the topic of strategic dining, and…

Training and Dieting Advice

Losing weight at the right pace so that you don’t lose muscle mass is very important for the health enthusiast.

Bone Broth: The How and Why

  Today is the 17th of January, and I’m glad to say we are coming out of that phase of darkness which lasts for about 6 weeks. While we still have lots of winter left, the days are indeed getting longer and our natural ‘hunker down and hibernate” instincts are letting up a bit. That mentioned, nothing seems to be…