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John Zombro

In yesterday’s MasterClass, Jeff asked a great question.
“When is the best time for someone to join T2?”
This was a great question and I think it is important to consider when recommending friends and family to join the Tribe. I’ve got 3 answers. First, they can join anytime because the things we are doing are basic enough that any motivated exerciser can scale and adjust the programming. Second, joining up at the first of every month (or actually the last day of the previous month) can allow for a smooth transition into the system as the first week of every month has an emphasis on orientation. Third, jumping on board at the beginning of a block (the current fall block runs Sep-Nov) allows for the most comprehensive training and progressive experience.

All that stated, here is my final two cents worth. The world is filled with BS reasons and excuses why they can’t get athletic and kick A. “I didn’t want to start because it wasn’t perfect, the weather wasn’t 57 degrees and sunny, I had a bad hair day, had to take my dog to the vet, or I wanted to keep doing the nothing or ineffective stuff I’m addicted to even if it never has worked.” OK, so I’m joking a bit but in all honesty, anyone who wants to get after it is welcome and should not wait. If you want to be in the Tribe, we want you to be with us. Let’s go!!

Thanks for teeing me up El Jefe!