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John Zombro

Wow! Finally got my KPI tests squeezed in between early snowstorms. So much for autumn in October in Montana! Well, things went fairly decent and I’m overall happy with my outcome. Because I had been taking it easy on my knee for a few weeks (which finally feels pretty much back to normal), I decided to play it safe and go a bit light on the 5k. I ran 25:02 which is just over 8-minute pace. This was quite a bit slower than last time but I’m just glad to be able to do that. But I crushed my other tests with a vengeance…our workouts paid off.
Push-ups: 51
Lunge Left: 1:36
Lunge Right: 1:44
Dead Hang: 1:51
Total Score: 19:00
Interesting thing is that even though my aerobic endurance slipped a bit, I feel incredibly durable. Can’t wait to hear what you guys did!