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John Zombro

Ok…here is my posting following the KPI tests of November! I’ll offer some insights and observations.

The 5k run performed at Level 1: This was an interesting test for me. I didn’t run quite as much as I’d hope to this fall in terms of overall volume. I did a lot of running and biking in the summer but my fall has included the usual large quantities of hiking. I fully expected to feel a bit uncoordinated and out of rhythm with running. However, all this fitness work carried over for me (at least at lower intensities). I was able to run just over 8:00 pace for 3.1 miles while keeping my heart rate under 130 bpm the entire time. I’m quite pleased.

Resting Heart Rate: I’ve been checking my heart rate every morning before getting out of bed. I use one of those electronic BP cuffs that also reads HR. I’ll generally get readings in the upper 50’s or low 60’s (from about 56-64) but my average is 62. When I was younger it was 10-12 beats lower and I’m not sure that’s attainable but my goal is to get sub-60. A little higher volume of training and maybe a bit more meditation may make that possible.

Exercise Tests: This was where I found the greatest challenge. I got my pushups to 53 reps in 1 minute by needing less rest breaks, but I short-stroked a couple reps. More room for improvement. On the dead hang, I was determined to get that 2:00 mark, but just couldn’t hang on any more at 1:57. The lunges actually seem more mental than physical, and I got 2:03 left and 2:14 right. I’m certainly humbled and inspired by this stuff.

I’m interested in hearing how everyone is doing with these measures. Remember, they are just a few of many that we will be examining. We’ll be moving from endurance to an agility focus next month, and that will be awesome.