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John Zombro

Well, I love that you are talking about human locomotion, twaining, and Wunning! All goofs aside, yes — I think there are several ways that you can combine your running with T2 awesomeness. While you
r training patterns and goals may differ (and should) throughout the year, for now, let’s say we are finishing our agility block and about to embark on a 3-month strength block (which we are doing). It would be very reasonable to add in 3-4 runs of 3-5 miles each week. Here are a couple of suggestions.

1. Just tack the runs on either before or after your gymsesh. Pros are it gets done efficiently but makes for a longish workout.
2. Perform your run at a different time of day. For example, snag a pre-breakfast yog (Veronica) in a fasted state for some great metabolic and training effects. Then hammer your lifts in the late afternoon or early evening.
3. A lot of our training weeks use splits with A’s and B’s, and sometimes C’s. Instead of trying for 2-3 of each depending on our focus, you could hit only one of each and simply run on the other days.

Now, with all of that stated, I’ll ramble on like Zeppelin just a bit. First of all, it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it feels right for you. If you are recovering well, getting/staying fit, and enjoying the mashup, party on! But that recovery thang is pretty big. If you are feeling tired, sore, and beat down, probably need to scale back volume and or intensity. I’ll lobby that less is more right now, and just a few easy runs to maintain mechanics and aerobic baseline are plenty adequate, especially since we will be ramping up a bit of running in our power block and more so in the speed block. I’ll help you to form a plan that complements your running goals and even put some workout plans up for the group if anyone is interested. The joy in all this is that you can sculpt how T2 supports your goals and I’m happy to help.

There’s a message for all members here. Some like this idea of all-around fitness and modest “run-ability.” That’s pretty much where I’m at except for my summer campaigns. Then there are folks like K-Katt who derive great benefit from being a more dedicated runner. Still others hate running and wish I never programmed a step of it in our WOW’s. Whatever your goal there is a way and we can make it work. In my heart of hearts I want everyone to have all their athleticism buckets full, which means you can sprint without blowing a hammy, jog a mile or two without stopping due to exhaustion, and walk 5 miles comfortably without a break. Anything else is up to you. As always…you guys are the best! Appreciate ya!