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John Zombro

Oh, here’s one thing I forgot in that last diatribe. Every training block has some amount of “cardio” or aerobic training in it. Anyone who loves to run probably can and should just do their cardio as running. That stated, however, it kinda depends on your goal. If your goal is to build running proficiency and aerobic development, then by all means run to your heart’s content. However, if you want to build more muscle mass and strength, you may want to keep your running to just an occasional short jog or a couple of sprints. These probably won’t inhibit your gains. Beyond that amount, more running tends to cause metabolic signaling for your body to pare down muscle mass, preserve a little more body fat for fuel, and to bias the development of slow twitch muscle fibers over the fast ones. This is why I usually advise clients who are seeking either muscle gains or fat loss to keep their cardio on the gentle side, with more walking and biking as opposed to pavement pounding. It just depends on your goals.