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John Zombro

Ahh, yes. The ole coach is having just too much fun. Did those tests again. Enjoyed the challenge but was determined to improve. Got 78 inches in the SBJ and dropped my 20 x 15″ box jumps to 16 seconds. Here are some impressions.

The standing broad jump is a hard test. Where it tests agility most is in making a good landing that feels and looks good, and is graceful. Getting there. But the takeoff requires a lot of concentric strength because you can’t harness much momentum (only the countermovement) and use elasticity as much (which is how I prefer to generate movement). I don’t have much concentric strength but I’m looking forward to developing it in the next block and then we’ll revisit this test in our power component later on.

The box jumps are easy for me. As long as I can get in the groove, finding that balance point, I can mostly just bounce up and down. I can still go a little faster as I improve foot/ankle/calf tendon stiffness…and we’ll check this out in our speed phase again as well.

Humbling. Gratifying. Good to work on all aspects of movement. Good luck everyone!