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Kati Hengel

Hey Team,

I went on a brief hiatus because I got Covid from work and had a hard time getting back into running mentally + residual covid chest pain. BUT I am happy to report that I got one shorter run, one climb, one masterclass, and one longer adventure run in this week! I was nervous that I’d feel like a lot of my strength and running base were lost after taking some time off, but I was pleasantly surprised how strong I felt on the uphills. The masterclass and T2 workouts have really helped me maintain/gain strength.

I did the adventure/exploring run today and my dog, Jack, and I had so much fun playing in the mud and crossing various creeks. I will say it was nice to feel more like myself again. It was a mix of road and trail. On the road portions I tried to focus on the snap and pop. I noticed that as I got tired I thought of it less. It was a little over 5 miles when I got back to the house.

I have a run coming up in two weeks that I reflected on while I was out today. It is back to back 25k’s over a Saturday and Sunday. I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be conditioning wise for various hiccups/reasons, and I decided I really have no expectations as far as time or performance. I just want to go out and enjoy myself. I can always hike 🙂 and I don’t have to go out for the second 25k if the bod isn’t feeling up to it.