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John Zombro

Great stuff Bill and thank you. Yes, squash of most types are a good carb choice. They are nutrient rich and also easily digested, as they are technically fruits. Tomatoes are also a fruit, although they are in the nightshade category (waxy skins) which does provoke autoimmune and inflammation problems in some people. Same goes for dairy. About 65% of the population is either lactose intolerant or sensitive to the casein proteins in dairy. This is because the enzyme lactase usually disappears around age 4. Herder populations experience lactase persistence and can tolerate dairy. Beans can provide a nice variety to your diet. Soak and rinse, then pressure cook to denature the lectins (toxic antinutrients) and they are OK for most folks.

My tight pants are not yet loose, but they are less tight. This stuff works.