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Hi Demons, happy Saturday! Logged 3 runs this week of 20, 30, & 38 mins. My primary focus is on Aerobic conditioning so, I ran with 60-70 percent effort. Breathing felt really good and that is how I gauged my effort. I felt energized after my runs which is another indicator that I didn’t over due it. My 2nd focus during my runs this week is on the snap pop and reducing the time my foot is in contact with the ground that John spoke about in previous blogs. I made some adjustments to accomplish this though which was to shorten my stride length, increase tempo, and raise my knee higher. I played around with adjusting all of these until my stride felt more crisp and efficient.
Hey John, thanks for your continued support of my athletic goals!!!! I am starting to get dialed in and am inspired to train. Looking forward to my upcoming 800 and mile runs in the summer.