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John Zombro

Howdy Awesome Ones! As you recall we’ve been talking about getting those ground contacts in with a little jogging and a few hops and jumps. Nothing crazy just consistent. The strength work we are focusing on will help quite a bit, as it’s the only time of year we really bear down on it.

All that stated, a mile running demon will want to add an extra jog for 2-3 miles into the week in addition to the 2 that are in this week’s programming. Not pushing anything right now, just looking at consistency which is king.

Here is a thought about running a mile…it lives near your VO2max output (and slightly above it). We need an aerobic base of running-specific endurance that we are building. But it also requires what is known as your anaerobic speed reserve (how fast can you blast a 200). We will be developing both sides to meet in the middle.

Related to that last paragraph, you’ve probably known certain athletes who were strong and fast but couldn’t run a good mile because they never developed their aerobic base. Once you are past about 300 meters, you need it and in a mile you’ve got 1300 to go.

But I also bet you have known tons of “runners” (actually trailturd slopjoggers) who totally sucked at the mile and couldn’t run fast. They said it was hard and it hurt (boo hoo) and they hated it. That’s because they did not develop their anaerobic speed reserve (didn’t do the interval workouts). No wonder it shocked the piss out of them. Just didn’t know what the hell they were doing.

You do cuz you got yer daddy.