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John Zombro

Oh, yea…just mainly hitting the strength programming and grabbing the extra jog for now. In about a month I’ll start issuing specific weekly workouts for the Running Demons Mile Campaign and I’ll put it in the member program doc so all the workouts are in one place. But we’ll use the Forum here for discussing some of the finer points of training, etc. Thanks for that clarification request.

Since I’m here…I’ll share what I did for my personal bonus workout today. I’ve been doing some backpack testing and training (I should say rucking to be cool but I don’t care) and I have a pack loaded up with about 50 pounds in it. Not super heavy but I know when I’m wearing it. I walked 1 mile at 10% grade on the treadmill, then jogged 1.5 miles at 3% without the pack, then walked another mile easy. Then I practiced a few light squats because I’m trying to improve my form for the Tuesday workout. Felt good. I’ll be just a tiny bit tired/sore this afternoon but nothing major.

I think the main thing at this time of year is just to get some consistency and have a little conditioning work going on. The mixed training is nice because you spread the impact forces around a bit and don’t end up with a running overuse injury. Soon enough we’ll be having some longer runs and then those interval sessions will start up in March (just one per week). When weather is nice Sunday afternoons at the track might become an option.