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John Zombro

Hey thanks for sharing and I feel ya. Yea, it’s a weird but true issue…we try to stay consistent, then life gets in the way. Main thing is to see ye ole glass half full and don’t beat yourself up. This is one reason why our demonic programming is not super involved and hardcore. Nobody would do it, everyone would be depressed, and no performance would happen. That’s been my experience for 40 years. But when all you have to do is sneak in a yog here and there…well now we are talkin’.

I’m going to start putting in a little demon section every week in the member program document. It will tell you what you need to do each week in addition (not in place of) the regular programming.

Heads up is there will be a workout that is a 2 mile jog that finishes with an all out minute up a long hill. Can be done on treadmill or I’ll recommend places for outdoors as well. It’s that last minute where we briefly capture max heart rate (you’ll need monitor unless your neck check skills are really good). This will then be used for some calculations in our training. So exciting.

One of the reasons I’ve been coaxing everyone along to hit the sessions, get some bouncy contacts in, etc. is to ready you for this test. It’s very safe and effective, and not even that hard, but if you don’t fucking hammer all out on the hill, your data will be pure dogshit.