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John Zombro

Wow! Here’s my report on the HR test. Went out today at lunchtime. Sunny. Temp had warmed up into upper teens. Overall nice day. I’d stated that jogging two miles and then blasting a hill was “easy.” Well, it was easy to set up and approach the workout.

After my jog I hit the jets on the hill, hoping to push strong for as much as 90 seconds just to be sure. Sputtered out at 75 seconds and hit a max HR of 168 bpm. Fun but challenging. It’s amazing how going balls-out for a friggin’ minute is such an uplifting change once in a while. I almost puked afterward, but luckily I hadn’t eaten breakfast today. Funny.

Now I have data. I know that 70% of 168 = 118 so that’s where a lot of my easy endurance and recovery training needs to be. Can’t wait to hear from you.