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John Zombro

Howdy and thanks for your input. Yea, we talked about that test in the thread above but it was also in the program doc for 2-13. I’ll paste it below.

BONUS INFO FOR RUNNING DEMONS: By request, I’ll be putting in a demon section each week in this document. Keep up with your resistance workouts and also getting that extra jog in each week. Get a little jumprope or hopping work in to improve ground contact efficiency. But here is the first assignment. Over the next two weeks, do a max heart rate test because we will be using that for come calculations soon. Outside or treadmill. Here’s the protocol. Jog two miles and finish on a long, steep hill that takes you a full minute to run up. Go as hard as you can on that hill. At the end/top, check your HR and record it. If you have a monitor (best) you are good to go. Otherwise, place two fingers on your carotid artery in your neck, count your beats in 10 seconds and multiply by 6.

Now there is also another assignment in the most recent member program document. It’s doing an easy run using 70% of the max heart rate you discovered. Easy but important.

Also, you are entirely correct…GC stands for general conditioning and this month we are mainly in the “cardio” mode with that.

I realize we use a lot of terms and acronyms and I apologize if it gets unwieldy at times. However, if you are on the Training Tribe page, hit the “login” button, you can go to “Introductory Information” and read a lengthy document all about the system and nomenclature we utilize. Let me know what you think!