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John Zombro

Great work Bill! If we apply a bit more math…146 divided by 187 tells us you were running at 78% of max. If we take your time of 9:05 and convert it to seconds it is 545 seconds. If we multiply that by 0.78 it gives us 425 seconds. Converting that back to minutes it suggests that 7:05 is a great performance target for the Memorial Day Mile. Taking this further, we can then use the 7:05 goal pace in the interval workouts coming up. Race-pace 400’s would be 1:46 or so. Looks exciting.

I did my test on the treadmill. Ran at 90% of my max HR and ended up with a 7:12. Gives me a 6:29 target for now and that seems about right. Plenty of time to hit some workouts and more will be coming. Key now is to get your numbers and stay consistent with the Tribe workouts. It all builds upon itself for sure. We are going to have an amazing year.