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    John Zombro

    Whew! And Ugh! That was fun, hard, worthwhile, and awesome. Got together this weekend with a few Tribe peeps and we rocked those tests. I ran 21:37 for the 5k, did 46 pushups (converted to 46 seconds), held the left lunge for 1:04 and the right for 1:07, then finished out with a 1:21 dead hang. When I subtract the other measures from the run time, I have a final score of 17:19. Overall I’m fairly pleased. I did find the lunge holds after running were devilish. I am psyched to train for a month and beat my performance. How did you guys do and what did you think?

    Tammy Walker

    What I love about this group is the variety of people and goals, self pacing, allowing for a competitive athletic feel, yet knowing the ultimate goal is individual fitness for whatever activity, we want to do in life. Pride compels me to preface my report with “status 10.5 months post C5-6 disc posterior and right sided protrusion”. Gratitude brings me to write “without the help of this group, I doubt I’d be able to complete any of these tasks now.” Here’s my results: 2 mile (I adapted the KPI to 2 miles) – 27.21; Pushups – 26; L lunge – 47 sec; R lunge 40 sec; hang time – 39 sec which calculates to a final score of 24.49. I am a thrilled!


    The KPI was fun and also good to have a personal baseline. My results were
    Left leg lunge…..1:30
    Right leg lunge….1:30
    Push ups………….37
    Dead hang……….1:47

    Total score. 20:51

    John Zombro

    Wow! Finally got my KPI tests squeezed in between early snowstorms. So much for autumn in October in Montana! Well, things went fairly decent and I’m overall happy with my outcome. Because I had been taking it easy on my knee for a few weeks (which finally feels pretty much back to normal), I decided to play it safe and go a bit light on the 5k. I ran 25:02 which is just over 8-minute pace. This was quite a bit slower than last time but I’m just glad to be able to do that. But I crushed my other tests with a vengeance…our workouts paid off.
    Push-ups: 51
    Lunge Left: 1:36
    Lunge Right: 1:44
    Dead Hang: 1:51
    Total Score: 19:00
    Interesting thing is that even though my aerobic endurance slipped a bit, I feel incredibly durable. Can’t wait to hear what you guys did!


    Did the KPI test a week ago and results are as follows

    Run 28:40
    Left Lunge 1:30
    Right Lunge 1:02
    Push Ups 40
    Dead Hang 1:33

    Score 23:55

    I lost some time on the run and left leg lunge but picked up a couple of push ups
    Overall satisfied with the outcome given the considerations of a busy month.

    John Zombro

    Ok…here is my posting following the KPI tests of November! I’ll offer some insights and observations.

    The 5k run performed at Level 1: This was an interesting test for me. I didn’t run quite as much as I’d hope to this fall in terms of overall volume. I did a lot of running and biking in the summer but my fall has included the usual large quantities of hiking. I fully expected to feel a bit uncoordinated and out of rhythm with running. However, all this fitness work carried over for me (at least at lower intensities). I was able to run just over 8:00 pace for 3.1 miles while keeping my heart rate under 130 bpm the entire time. I’m quite pleased.

    Resting Heart Rate: I’ve been checking my heart rate every morning before getting out of bed. I use one of those electronic BP cuffs that also reads HR. I’ll generally get readings in the upper 50’s or low 60’s (from about 56-64) but my average is 62. When I was younger it was 10-12 beats lower and I’m not sure that’s attainable but my goal is to get sub-60. A little higher volume of training and maybe a bit more meditation may make that possible.

    Exercise Tests: This was where I found the greatest challenge. I got my pushups to 53 reps in 1 minute by needing less rest breaks, but I short-stroked a couple reps. More room for improvement. On the dead hang, I was determined to get that 2:00 mark, but just couldn’t hang on any more at 1:57. The lunges actually seem more mental than physical, and I got 2:03 left and 2:14 right. I’m certainly humbled and inspired by this stuff.

    I’m interested in hearing how everyone is doing with these measures. Remember, they are just a few of many that we will be examining. We’ll be moving from endurance to an agility focus next month, and that will be awesome.

    John Zombro

    I can’t believe it’s already mid-December (the 10th). As we are are into our agility block and enjoying the first of two months in that training phase, we’ve got a 5 week month to explore. We’ll be looking at how agility is comprised of mobility, stability, fluidity, and reactivity. Our KPI’s this month will focus on flexibility and ownership of position and transition. Then we’ll carry this competency into more dynamic mojo next month.

    John Zombro

    Those balance tests were challenging! I’m enjoying on the jumping and direction change that we are doing but I’ve got to work more on this balance thang! How about you?

    John Zombro

    Here is my report on the jumping and agility we have been working on. I’ve been gradual and accepting that I needed to work up slowly, but I can start to feel my elasticity returning. I let myself get a little too slow-twitch oriented last year, and it feels good to start to get my springs back. Hope you are having the same experience.


    Just did the KPI for the week of January 18th, results for the first test were.

    1. 20 jumps up onto 16 inch bench took 28 seconds. ( I should be able to improve on that )

    2. Standing Broad Jump 72 inches. toe on the line to heal landing (best of three after a two jump warm up).

    John Zombro

    Dr. B,

    That’s great jump work! I salute you!

    I used a 15-inch box and got 20 jumps in 17 seconds. Best broad jump so far was 66-1/2 inches but I’m determined to beat that later this week. The differences are interesting. The repeat broad jumps are all about timing and elasticity, and once you get in a rhythm you just roll. But the SBJ is a true test of concentric power, which I want to get more of.

    Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see what happens later in the week for both of us as well as the rest of the group!

    Coach JZ

    John Zombro

    Just hit it again. Got the jumps to 15 seconds and SBJ to 71. Felt snappier today. Will go easy tomorrow and then crush these results on Friday!

    Kati Hengel

    I’m a few days off here, but my first round results are in!

    Box Height = 16in (Fun Fact:It’s a large YETI cooler, very effective!)
    20 Box Jumps = 23.90 seconds
    My Best of 3 Standing Broad Jump = 74 in (2 jump warm up too)

    Shooting for round 2 on Saturday! Hoping to really crush the box jumps.
    Kick-ass work Coach JZ and Dr.B!

    Kati Hengel

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s gains!

    John Zombro

    Nice Work K-Katt!

    That’s a long leap like a true bobcat. Also, great advice on the Yeti cooler. They are sturdy and form a safe platform for jumping and stepping. Plus they keep your protein shakes cold! If you are digging this week’s stuff, next week will be absolutely delightful!

    Coach JZ

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