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    John Zombro

    Whew! And Ugh! That was fun, hard, worthwhile, and awesome. Got together this weekend with a few Tribe peeps and we rocked those tests. I ran 21:37 for the 5k, did 46 pushups (converted to 46 seconds), held the left lunge for 1:04 and the right for 1:07, then finished out with a 1:21 dead hang. When I subtract the other measures from the run time, I have a final score of 17:19. Overall I’m fairly pleased. I did find the lunge holds after running were devilish. I am psyched to train for a month and beat my performance. How did you guys do and what did you think?

    Tammy Walker

    What I love about this group is the variety of people and goals, self pacing, allowing for a competitive athletic feel, yet knowing the ultimate goal is individual fitness for whatever activity, we want to do in life. Pride compels me to preface my report with “status 10.5 months post C5-6 disc posterior and right sided protrusion”. Gratitude brings me to write “without the help of this group, I doubt I’d be able to complete any of these tasks now.” Here’s my results: 2 mile (I adapted the KPI to 2 miles) – 27.21; Pushups – 26; L lunge – 47 sec; R lunge 40 sec; hang time – 39 sec which calculates to a final score of 24.49. I am a thrilled!


    The KPI was fun and also good to have a personal baseline. My results were
    Left leg lunge…..1:30
    Right leg lunge….1:30
    Push ups………….37
    Dead hang……….1:47

    Total score. 20:51

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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