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    John Zombro

    Howdy Friends! I’m starting this thread so you can chime in with results, comments and questions on our Power Challenge this week. The member program document has the details for Workout “A” in which you do AMRAPs for 30 seconds in bench press and deadlift (after progressive warmup). Multiply your weight x reps to get a power number and post it. For example if you bench 10 x 50 pounds that’s 500 but you’ll be much higher than that because you are a powerful tribester.

    Then go through a warmmup process as you like on the track or measured road course. Do a “pace lock” 200 at mile pace to get ready. Fully recover. Then hammer an 800 and post your time here.

    Can’t wait to hear your results. Mine will be coming also.

    John Zombro

    Well, not bad. I did the following:

    175 pounds x 27 reps for the 30 seconds in the deadlift. 4,725 units of power.

    50 pound DB’s (100#) in bench press for 12 reps in 30 seconds. 1,200 units.

    While is was very pleased with my deadlift, I’ll accept the bench outcome. That’s about all the load my shoulder can handle these days since those problems and surgery so that’s OK.

    Ran an 800 in 3:22. Probably gave it a 90% effort and that equates to a 6:44 mile. We’ll see. I hope to get faster with more conditioning and weight loss.

    How did you do?


    Hi JZ here are my results

    for the dead lift: 130 pounds x 17 reps. 2,200 units of power

    for the bench: 100 pounds x 17 reps. 1,700 units of power

    the 800 was hard to tell distance wise so i just gave it hell for 4 minutes and called it good.

    John Zombro

    Wow! El Jefe that is outstanding! Way to go!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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