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    John Zombro

    Howdyhoo! This is the first installment in this section. I decided to use the title “Running Demons 2023 Mile Campaign” to describe this journey. Just some initial thoughts.

    If we are trying to hit a decent mile run, that fits nicely into our May and June training block. That’s the Power Block and we train for both explosive and aerobic power. Running Demons can bias their focus a bit more toward the mile and I’ll blend that into the training documents.

    The main things we need right now are twofold. First, we need to just gradually raise our general conditioning level. Some of this is aerobic conditioning and it’s also just good athletic systemic development and robustness. The weekly workouts take care of that. The other thing we need is to make sure we are getting some consistent ground contacts each week. By this I mean those microdoses of hopping, jumping, lunging, bounding, landing, skipping and the like which we have in our programming. These contacts build resiliency in our muscles, tendons, bones, and fascial systems so that we can run with good form and less risk of mechanical breakdown. Tendon and bone stress injuries are very common and problematic for runners building up in the spring, and one reason is that they often overload their systems with running contacts too soon. If you must miss a workout here and there, that is of course the world we live in. However, try to hop and bounce around for a few minutes every day if you can. It really works plus it makes you feel like the playful child you should be.

    As always, let me know what you think and if you have any questions!

    Danette Snyder

    So stoked! I have never trained for mile pace before. I am excited to experience the challenge and liberation into a faster runner! Thanks JZ

    John Zombro

    Those are great words…challenge and liberation. This process is both easy and hard. The easy part is just hitting consistent workouts that are not too long. It’s exhilarating thinking you are not going to make yourself exhausted. The hard part is that there will be some interval workouts where we have to bear down. The secret is in the mind. Instead of thinking “I can’t run that fast” we think “I WILL run that fast!”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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