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    John Zombro

    The love run. Run for love. The love of running. I heart cardio. Run with someone you love. Feb 14 is Valentine’s Day and this week we are obviously expressing our love for human movement, especially WUNNING! I’m coming back off yet another injury in a string of bullshit but I’m going to do a test yog this week.

    For those who have stayed decidedly more demonic than I, let me first state that I salute you. Now that we are really diving into our running mechanics, I have the next component.It’s the forward fall. Your sternum (breastbone) is what should lead the way. Imagine you are leaning forward ever so slightly, just a few degrees, from the ankle. Don’t bend from the waist. A plumb line dropping down from your sternum should land just in front of your toes. Try this as you cruise along. Adjust it more or less depending on how your anatomy is dictating. When you hit the forward fall position correctly, you get free speed. Instead of having your center of mass behind your base of support and slowing you down, it’s just ahead all the time, driving you like a train of excellence. Let me know how this goes!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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