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    John Zombro

    Howdy Devs! This month we are starting the Power Block in training and it’s a good time to discuss this from a running perspective. Power has essentially two definitions. That first one, F x D/T equates well with your anaerobic or muscular power, like pushing a sled or throwing a med ball. But the other definition…the one we are also pursuing is AEROBIC POWER. This is basically your ability to sustain a high, strong output in running and it’s actually best measured, from a scientific perspective, by your 1-MILE TIME. The mile run is a blended experience when taken to the max, and most recent research suggests that it is approximately 70 percent aerobic and 30 percent anaerobic. It’s not pure endurance because that is what you do in a long run, and it’s not pure speed because that’s your sprint, which is 400 and down for elites and 200 and down for mortals. So, as you might imagine, training about 70% in the aerobic zones, and getting about 30% in the anaerobic zones is a good way to train for a mile. Doing a bunch of half marathons and trail runs will help your base, but you’ll never get fast because that’s too much of a slow-twitch bias. And only doing sprinting (like me) makes you quick but you can’t hold good pace for a full mile. You have to balance the workouts. So, make sure you do most of your runs in that easy to easy-moderate range and don’t go crazy on slog miles (keep it crisp). Then, get in 3-6 weeks of sharpening work (intervals of 100-600 meters) and you’ll be ready to test your potential in a mile.

    A couple of peeps have inspired me recently, as you so often do. Kati is working on a consistency plan and jamming on 3-4 “just get out the door” sessions of 30-60 minutes per week right now. Bill has thrown down the gauntlet and professed he is crushing some middle distance targets this summer. Old Daddy Lightning is in a rebuild year and has goals of actually just being able to train. It’s all good. You are awesome.


    Hi Demons, happy Saturday! Logged 3 runs this week of 20, 30, & 38 mins. My primary focus is on Aerobic conditioning so, I ran with 60-70 percent effort. Breathing felt really good and that is how I gauged my effort. I felt energized after my runs which is another indicator that I didn’t over due it. My 2nd focus during my runs this week is on the snap pop and reducing the time my foot is in contact with the ground that John spoke about in previous blogs. I made some adjustments to accomplish this though which was to shorten my stride length, increase tempo, and raise my knee higher. I played around with adjusting all of these until my stride felt more crisp and efficient.
    Hey John, thanks for your continued support of my athletic goals!!!! I am starting to get dialed in and am inspired to train. Looking forward to my upcoming 800 and mile runs in the summer.

    John Zombro

    Bill, that is outstanding data! Glad to be a part of your journey and thank you for the inspiration!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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