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    John Zombro

    Oh yes, another week of programming! We are still eating the PBD, hitting our calorie target, getting the 30 minute walk, and being consistent. Do the TPT on Wednesday. But now, this week, we add in a little bonus.

    We are using Time Restricted Feeding this week. Here is the “skinny” on what we’ll do.

    1.) Establish a 10 hour feeding window. This means you consume all food within 10 hours in the day. Can also be expressed as a 10/14 feeding/fasting window.

    2.) Eat only when the sky is light. This means no feeding when it’s dark. You are basically looking at 7am-5pm for the most part, but this will depend on where you live.

    My report is that I’ve been fairly consistent so far. The “flex” day wasn’t really any different than the others except that I ate a few pretzels. I’m surprised because I thought I would binge on junk but did not feel inclined to do so.

    Let me know how you are doing!

    John Zombro

    OK…here is a report. The pants are not loose yet, but yesterday’s TPT revealed them to be a little less “toit.” Also, on my flex day I decided that a half bag of chips and small tub of guacamole would be appropriate. Felt like total s**t the next morning. Not inclined to do that again!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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