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    John Zombro

    Essentially, we are starting the next month! It’s the last day of January but the first week of our second month of body re-comping. I’m hoping everyone has had a good past 4 weeks and your Tight Pants Tests have been getting delightful! I’ve personally made some progress but need to tighten up my practices before I’ll be tightening my belt. [So few comment on my jokes!]

    Anyhoo, this week we need to add a little extra mojo. It’s carb-cutting time. I didn’t say carb elimination, because that isn’t necessary and it riles people up. However, try to hold your calories consistent but slightly lower the amount of carbohydrate your eating each day, particularly if any of that is starchy like potatoes or processed like pasta. Go for more fibrous veggies it that is your thing or more meat if you roll like me. Either way, you will win because you will reduce your insulin load and fat storage signaling even further.

    Let me know how it’s going!

    John Zombro

    I hope you are jamming on week 1 of month 2! I’ve noticed the old metabolism getting reset and the appetite normalizing/diminishing since I’ve eliminated processed food. Amazing how this works. In fact, in light of all the information with which we are inundated regarding all the foods and potentially supplements we should be eating, the main thing for health and bodycomp is not to eat the crap. Seems simple, but much of that is hyperpalatable and addictive. It takes a couple weeks to get off the junk train. What say you?

    Kati Hengel

    I upped my meat and veggies this week and it felt nice and even gave me some leftovers to take to work. I am working on packing healthier lunches so I don’t take frozen GF tamales and burritos so frequently. I will say I did treat myself to a new flavor of chips mid-week though. I mean, who can resist trying chips called “Sasquatch Surprise”?! FYI- they are zesty and similar to “All Dressed” Ruffles. Anyway, my strength is cooking healthy dinners and my weakness is lunches.

    My tight pants tests are going great despite my chip treat and Friday ice cream.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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