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    John Zombro

    It’s the final week of the Slash n’ Burn! Our two-month body recomping system was a smash hit! I think I’ll do it again every year, maybe even stretch it out for another month, either starting December or going through March (let me know what you prefer).

    As some of you know, I’ve been the rabbit hole of light exposure and hormonal regulation lately, and it’s been so fun learning all the latest research. Interestingly enough, science has determined that light management can have profound effects on health, fitness, and especially weight regulation. It appears that getting a few minutes of first thing in the morning natural light outside, minimizing daytime sunglass use, and evening dimming can adjust the circadian rhythm, balance hormones, and regulate metabolism in a powerful way. So this week’s tip is to do those things and see if it unlocks a few more pounds for ya.

    I’m pleased to report that my tight pants are no longer toit. They are not loose but my gut went down a lot. How did you do?

    Kati Hengel

    I have heard about the minimal sunglasses use during the daytime. I feel like i was always told “you’ll damage or sunburn your eyes” if I didn’t wear them. Do you think that was a myth or old wives tale or something? I was reading about it in my mountaineering book.
    Also, I am working on letting my eyes see daylight BEFORE phone or computer screen light.

    My pants test has fluctuated a bit this week. I think it is due to bloating. The pants aren’t too tight, but noticeable.

    John Zombro

    Great job on that early morning light exposure. It’s well proven. On the other stuff, I think sunglasses are still good in high glare situations like on snow, water, or long drives. Dosing and building a tolerance probably applies as well. Bloatosis has many drivers. Hopefully that fades. Here comes spring!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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