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    John Zombro

    Howdy Dudes! I’m getting this out a few days early so you have a chance to look this over, and possibly gun me down this week. As you know the week of 11-14 is KPI test week and I’ve got a bunch of fun challenges for ya. In today’s post I’m going to talk about Workout A, which is the RuckBucker. I mean, can you buck your ruck? If your Mom does it she could be a motherbucker. Or she could get rucked up. You’ll be pleased to know this shit will NEVER stop!

    OK, so that workout requires you to load your pack with 20% bodyweight (it’s cheating to count the weight of your pack just sayin) and then do a festival of fitopolis. I’ll describe how I did in each event and show you my segment times (which include the rest breaks) and total overall time. That will be my result/score.

    Pack Load: I’m currently at 170 pounds so I put a 2# blanket in bottom of a daypack, then a 30# sandbag, then a 2# dumbbell (yes I have them that light and believe me they are coming in handy with my shoulder rehab). 34 pounds in pack and it honestly felt fairly light to start with.

    Ruck: I charged out at a brisk walk pace on a measured 1/2 mile (out and back) in my hood. Time was 16:47. Took no rest.

    Lunge: I had measured off 50 yards from the garage (so I could go out and back and immediately get to pumpin with no lost time). There were several pauses in here and it took me 4:11.

    Pack Pushups: This is where I really struggled. It has only been a few months since I’ve been able to do regular pushups off my feet, and I can’t quite make 20 in a row yet. With that pack on, I had to go off my knees (this is legal in the rules for the event). I did 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and then threw in a few extra singles to get it done. My plastic and metal shoulder held up ok but it took me all of 2:51 to get through it.

    Front Squats: I doffed the pack and held it in front. This is where I’m going to be tough to beat. I’ve been rucking and squatting hard all year (due in part to not being able to use my shoulder too much so making up elsewhere). I banged out 50, short rest, then 30 short rest, then 20, almost like it was nothing (until the next morning – ouch). Good, deep range on those and it took 3:58.

    Push Presses: The overhead press with a leg impulse was another beatdown for me. I can get fairly full range of motion with both arms but I was using my left side a little more to offload the right, and I didn’t lock out at the top. I knew it would go like this but I got it done. Used my legs so much they got more tired than my shoulders. Time = 3:22

    3 mile run: Dumped that pack and out the door I flew. Without that pack it felt really good to run. I have not been running much this fall but I’ve been hiking and hunting a lot. Legs and lungs felt great. Ran a measured course that brought me to the line (not quite sprinting but charging hard) in 24:06, just over 8 minute pace. I was quite pleased.

    Total time, adding up all those separate entries that included the rests was 55:13!

    Honestly, this was hard…but it was fun. It’s good to do hard things and I hope you post a similar story. I am now your target! Fire!

    Kati Hengel

    Guess what! We weigh the same so you did the math for me :}.
    I’m looking forward to the workout, a bit nervous for the pushups! I’ll let you know how it goes!
    Good luck team!

    John Zombro

    I’m sure you will CRUSH it!

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