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If you need to fine-tune your movement patterns, solve chronic injury problems, or improve your body composition…private consultations via Zoom can be scheduled at your convenience.  I also offer mentoring and problem-solving sessions for colleagues in fitness, athletics, and healthcare. Listed below are some common considerations that are successfully addressed in Coaching Consultations. Just crush the schedule button to set up your session.

“I’d like to do a movement analysis consultation. I’m an athlete and I want you to help me analyze my gait, technique, and movement patterns and optimize them.”

“I’ve got this nagging injury issue that I just can’t eliminate, and I need some PHYSICAL THERAPY-based therapeutic coaching on how to solve this problem.”

“I’m interested in optimizing my nutrition plan for peak performance and maximum health, but I really don’t know where to start. I could sure use some guidance in personalizing my diet.”

“I just can’t seem to find an exercise system that works for me.  I always end up either dropping out or getting hurt.”

“I really need to lose some weight but I’m not sure how to go about it safely and effectively.  And everything I’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked so well.”

“My recovery from training is not very good and my results are just not what I want. I’m chronically sore, frustrated, and exhausted.  What are the secrets to enhancing recovery ability and performing at a higher level?”

“I’m a physical therapist and I’d like to consult with you on setting up my own online PT practice.”

“I’m a colleague in PT, training, coaching, or healthcare and I’d like to consult with you on program design, training, evaluation systems, or challenging cases.”

Schedule Your Coaching Appointment

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