Health and Performance MasterClasses

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As the name implies, these classes will help you to achieve mastery in fitness, sports, and wellness. In these small-group, one-hour webinars, you’ll join Coach JZ for a deep dive into a variety of peak performance topics. Presentations, lab experiences, and discussion will give you the answers to pressing questions and the solution to common problems.

May 2020…Human Locomotion

May 6Athletes and Pronation: Creating a better understanding of foot function for longterm health and performance.

May 13Plantar Fasciitis: What it is, why it happens, and how to strengthen and mobilize your feet to get rid of it forever!

May 20Running Shoes, Orthotics, and Foot Exercises: Clearing up confusion about footwear and foot health.

May 27Foot Speed: Appreciating the role of foot biomechanics in athletic speed development.

June 2020…Peak Performance Training

June 2Personalized Training: Designing a Training Program that fits YOU!

June 9 Effective Training: Creating a Killer Workout…prioritizing and executing your exercises and structuring the session to maximize stimulus and adaptation.

June 16Intelligent Training: Projecting, assessing, and modifying your workouts…the WISE system.

June 23Lifelong Training: Optimizing your training to achieve peak performance at any age.

July 2020…The Warmup

July 15The World Class Warmup: How to properly activate, prime, cue, and ready the body for your greatest results in training and competition.

August 2020…Complete Athleticism

August 19 & 26Becoming a Complete Athlete: Learn how to assess your strengths and weaknesses and optimize your training for peak performance.

*All classes are on Wednesdays, noon-1:00 p.m. (Mountain Time). Registration closes 24 hours in advance.

**Can’t make the time but want to bring a class to your group? Contact me and we’ll make it happen!

***More topics coming soon!

Register for Your MasterClass!