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Looking for personal bests and peak performances in your chosen sport or fitness pursuit? Want to take your training to the next level? Need help making your exercise endeavors safer and more effective? Aspiring to improve your health, body composition, or just feel better? You can do all that and more. Receive medically-appropriate advice, fitness interventions that “fit” YOU, lifestyle advisement, and ongoing support to ensure your success. The TLA approach is all about GETTING RESULTS, HAVING FUN, AND AVOIDING INJURY!

Lifetime Performance Coaching is available via monthly subscription which includes the Personalized Training Program, 4 Lifetime Performance Video Coaching Consultations, and unlimited phone, text, and email support. I’m also a registered coach at TrainingPeaks and many of the athletes I coach utilize this platform for programming and communication. Lifetime Performance Coaching is an interactive system based in the art and science of coaching.  I dedicate my expertise and energy and we emphasize the coaching relationship, working together to ensure your success. I really care about your results and I’ve always got your back. This is not a static program. It is a dynamic and purposeful collaboration. You are hiring me to be your coach and I take my job seriously. We work progressively and use a combination of science, experience, and common sense to keep the results coming. This type of relationship has proven highly effective at helping us to achieve amazing outcomes. Every coaching relationship begins with a full-body comprehensive athletic assessment as part of the intake process to optimize your movement and dial in our programming. Coaching slots are extremely limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

All coaching services are provided solely by John Zombro.  I apply over 4 decades of experience as an athlete, coach, trainer, physical therapist, and wellness educator to every interaction and you will receive my undivided attention and dedication. You never feel like you are alone in your journey. I accept a limited number of clients so that your experience, in terms of quality and satisfaction, is never compromised…and neither is mine.  I love this stuff and I’ve found a way to do it so everybody wins! Just smash the schedule button below and let’s get started!

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Oh…one last thing. If you’d like to dive deeper and get more information about how the coaching process works at TLA, and hear about a real-life success story, check out this episode of the podcast.

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