Get these Lifetime Athlete Programs and get started on your path to peak performance today! Each program is a how-to e-book that helps you to get the most out of your athletic, health and fitness endeavors. Check out the preview, then purchase and download your copy. Enjoy!


Get your copy of the body type training system that helps you to identify your unique gifts and leverage them for maximum gains in health, fitness, performance, and longevity! Unleash your inner beast and unlock your full athletic potential!

Effortless Weight Loss!

Losing weight, and keeping it off permanently, has never been easier. Effortless Weight Loss helps you to upregulate your metabolism, burn fat easily, and never struggle in the process. You’ll learn 10 evidence-based steps to your ideal body weight, and utilize the most current research to achieve amazing, sustainable results!

Fit for the Field!

Get Fit for the Field, the ultimate training program for the hunting athlete. Designed by a board-certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy, this program utilizes a specific conditioning system that will prepare you for your best season afield. Through scientific analysis of the physiological and biomechanical demands of the outdoor athlete, Fit for the Field applies advanced training methods for people who are serious about their pursuits. This is a 12-week program that maximizes fitness and durability for mountain athletes and anyone who wants to increase their physical durability. Stay in the hunt, and stay focused on the game, with Fit for the Field.

The Healthy Workstation!

Learn how to employ ergonomics to make your job work for your health! The Healthy Workstation is a video-based course that teaches you the secrets of posture, seated and standing workstations, activity and exercise strategies, and workflow optimization. Get this program, get rid of pain at work, and get into your most comfortable and productive workstation!

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