AnimalFit, a Lifetime Body Program, will help you to Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential. This how-to guide takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying your body type and your unique gifts so that you can embrace your inner animal, make your fitness or training program FIT YOU, and achieve ultimate results!


Do you know what kind of animal you are? Is your fitness or training program really working for you? When you use AnimalFit, you’ll learn how to identify and appreciate your body’s unique gifts and abilities. You’ll see how your skeletal size, joint mobility, and muscular characteristics determine your inner animal. Then you’ll apply knowledge about your circadian rhythm, how your neurological system is wired and how it fires, and the personality factors or preferences that govern your exercise choices…to design your own workouts and training programs and get results like never before! This ebook takes the science of training and helps you customize it to your individual needs and goals. AnimalFit…Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential!

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