Welcome to The Lifetime Body Shop Page! Over the years so many clients have asked “Which products do you use or recommend?” that I ultimately felt the need to provide this page for your convenience. This page is an ever-evolving compilation of many of the products that my clients and I use to achieve ultimate wellness and peak performance. We test and vet every product. No retailer makes the list unless they make the cut. We are continually evaluating products and updating the list of approved items. I do my best to reassure you that these are health and fitness products of the highest quality…all accessible with just a click from this page. Use of the list is entirely free. There are no tricks, gimmicks, or other issues. Totally secure. You’ll find many discounts and specials available to you as a Lifetime Body customer. Enjoy!

Amazon Shopping List: For Amazon shoppers, Lifetime Body Shopping List is as close to one-stop health and fitness shopping as you can get and the service is totally free. By shopping for some of your product needs through the TLB site, it costs you nothing extra, you get some great deals, save some time,  and you support the website, videos, and other free services I’m committed to providing. You’re awesome and thanks for your loyalty!

Thrive Market

Food and More: Simply the best online grocery service in existence, Thrive Market has over 5,000 of the highest quality, organic, free-trade, and earth-friendly foods and personal care products available today. Everything at Thrive is 25-50% lower than retail and satisfaction is guaranteed. As a Lifetime Body subscriber, you get an additional 25% off your first order. Also, shipping is always free when your order totals over $50, and the savings are phenomenal. I only endorse companies and products that I believe in and use, and Thrive supports sustainable agriculture and ethical business practices. Join today and enjoy getting the lowest prices on the best products, delivered right to your door.


Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished Beef: One of my favorite foods and one of the nutritional keys to outstanding health for many of my clients, as well as myself and my family. Grass-fed/Grass-Finished Beef (GF2B) is rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein, and it is bundled in the delicious package that nature has always intended. Produced by artisan farmers for 6 generations in southwest Montana, Baxter Creek Farms offers the best beef you can get…period. Organically-grown goodness, free of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics, this GF2B is wildly popular and extremely limited in availability. Harvested annually. Reserve yours today!

Free Shipping On Wild Seafood & Organic Fare!

Wild Seafood and Organic Goods: The amazing nutritional benefits of seafood are myriad. And Vital Choice sources and delivers only the finest, fresh-caught, immediately-processed seafood available today. Employing the highest levels of ethics, purity, and sustainability, Vital Choice delivers wild seafood and organic fare to your door. Customers of The Lifetime Body get 10% off their first order as well as free shipping on orders over $99. Your health will be enhanced and your palate will be delighted.

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth - Shop Now

Bone Broth: I usually make my own, but we go through so much of it in our household I occasionally just have to purchase extra to keep this wonder-food available. Kettle and Fire is simply the finest product available in this category. With a variety of flavors from organic, grass-fed sources, this is a delicious boost to your health, skin, joints, and sleep.

Track Your Nutrition & Health Data with

Nutrition Tracker: Simply the best food tracker available, cronometer allows you to easily enter foods, meals, and recipes, get immediate feedback on macronutrient ratios, calories, micronutrient analyses, and so much more. You can generate reports for your health care provider, share data with other subscribers, and really ensure that your nutrition is all it can be. This is the product used exclusively and recommended by The Lifetime Body. Stop guessing and start assessing!

Nectar Mattresses: Sleep is one of the 5 components of The Lifetime Body, and it is the critical force multiplier in kicking ass at life! And one of the most important factors in getting a great night’s sleep is your mattress. Nectar provides the best product, at the best price, delivered to your door. They offer a 365-day home trial period, free shipping and return, and they warranty their products forever! Get a Nectar Mattress and get an upgrade on your lifetime!

Mushroom Extracts: Capturing the many health benefits of the sixth kingdom of foods — fungi, Four Sigmatic offers a variety of dual-extracted mushroom powders and drink elixirs. Rich in many nutrients known as adaptogens which can upregulate metabolism, immune function, and performance, these superfoods are combining ancient wisdom with modern technology. Try some for yourself at Four Sigmatic and enjoy the benefits.

Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet. Get this comprehensive and easy to use guide to interpreting all your blood tests, DNA analysis, and symptoms. With this pdf document Chris Masterjohn, PhD helps you to quickly assess your specific nutritional needs, and determine which foods or supplements might be indicated for your best health and performance.

Beautifully Simple Podcast Hosting: If you are like me, you appreciate innovative companies and stuff that just plain works. All of our time is valuable and when a great product can save us time and increase efficiency, that’s a win-win. That’s why I use Castos for The Lifetime Body Podcast. With a great user interface and terrific service, you can’t go wrong with Castos and I highly recommend them for any podcaster.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: The merchants identified on this page pay TLB a commission on sales when you purchase through the TLB Shop page. This adds no cost to your transaction (in many cases you also receive discounts for being a TLB shopper) and helps us to continue to provide free wellness content. Thanks for your participation.

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