Sporting Gear Sale

Hello and welcome to this sale page! This is a sale for local comrades before much of this inventory goes onto national websites like sniper’s hide and gunbroker at higher prices. Here is some information you might find helpful.

  • Reason for sale: I’m changing up some of my gear and the items listed here are things that I have just not used as much as I had originally planned. They need new homes.
  • Condition of items: Everything is in excellent condition. No cheap, plastic, Chinese junk. No surprises. All high quality.
  • Terms: Cash only (no checks, no crypto, no chickens, no firstborns). All sales final. Everything COD.
  • Additional information: First of all, thank you for taking a look. Please don’t waste our mutual time by slinging lowball offers. All prices are firm. Feel free to share this link with anyone who you think may have interest in these fine products.
  • Contact: Email is best to reach me at, but you can also give me a call at 406.579.2606. Due to the nature of my work, you’ll probably get voicemail. Please don’t hang up…just leave me a brief message with your name, number, and the product you are interested in. I’ll get back to you quickly.
  • Thank you so much. I appreciate the opportunity to work with my fellow sportsmen and sportswomen.
HOGUE MASTER HANDGUN CASE ($50): Solid oak case, like new. For storage, travel, presentation and cleaning handguns. Adjusts to fit any pistol or revolver.
RANSOM REST MASTER REST WITH WINDAGE BASE ($600): The ultimate device for load testing and handgun accuracy development. Includes 10 different inserts for various handgun grips. Like new, this kit is less than half retail.
RUGER NO. 1 RIFLE ($1600): This is the classic falling block single-shot for the serious rifleman. Chambered in the versatile 25-06 Remington with a varmint contour barrel, this rifle features highly figured walnut and blued steel. It is a collector grade firearm in mint condition. These are rare and sought after by knowledgeable rifle enthusiasts. Current models are retailing around $2k. Comes with rings, dies, brass, bullets, and an assortment of factory and handloads.
RCBS FULL LENGTH DIE SET IN 300 WINCHESTER MAGNUM ($30): A great buy for a legendary caliber.
GERBER CUSTOM SHOP “PIG-STICKER” SURVIVAL KNIFE ($45): This fine knife is “Rambo on Steroids” and it has the heft and feel of true quality. Will yield a lifetime of service. Includes sheath with sharpening stone on back.
ZEISS 65T FL SPOTTING SCOPE ($1200): One of the finest optical instruments available.
High Power Shooting Accessories ($75): Includes XL High Power shooting glove, and numerous M1A/M14 accessories such as chamber flag, speed loaders, chamber brushes, single shot adapter, bore guide, ARMS Inc. QD bases and rings, Garand stripper clips, etc. Everything is brand new in package. 75 bucks takes it all.
FNAR .308 RIFLE MAGAZINES ($80): All steel, two 5-round mags and two 10-round mags. All sold together. New in box. These are currently retailing for 60 bucks apiece so it’s a screaming deal.
AMERICAN PRIDE ARTWORK ($50): Made in Montana, this 18″x30″ print is framed in oak and matted professionally.
HAWKEYE BORESCOPE ($800): An essential for the serious rifleman to inspect, clean, and lap bores. This is the complete Pro Slim Kit and includes the periscope ocular accessory. Priced at half retail value. This is a true precision instrument from Gradient Lens Corporation.
MARTIN HUNTER RECURVE BOW ($325): Handcrafted Damon Howatt signature series bow, 45#, 62″. Comes with 6 (only 4 are pictured) Beman Classic 500 arrows. This is a phenomenal deal for the traditional archery enthusiast.
RUGER SUPER REDHAWK 44 MAGNUM REVOLVER ($950): All stainless revolver in the classic chambering. Great for hunting or personal protection. Very low round count. In original box with rings, extra grips, complimentary shotshells, and both hip and shoulder holsters.
HOYT CPX32 COMPOUND BOW ($300): A perfectly balanced, accurate, and smooth-drawing bow that is dead in the hand. 60# pull/30″ draw (both can be adjusted).Includes Black Gold 5-pin sight, Team Hoyt fall-away rest, Tight Spot quiver, TruFire release and 4 arrows (two 100g broadheads, 2 target points).
RIDGEWAY 42″ GRANDFATHER CLOCK ($275): This wall or floor mount, solid hardwood piece can add charm and class to your decor.

Thanks again for giving this a look! You can reach me at with any questions. Please feel free to share this link with anyone who may be interested in this equipment.