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Backcountry Performance…Selecting the Right Boot

Howdy Howdy! I hope you are having a fantastic day! Mine is indeed that because today I get the opportunity to discuss a topic about which I’m really passionate (honestly, there are a lot of those topics). As a self-acknowledged gearhead, I’m always interested in the functionality and ergonomics of equipment, and how that interfaces with human biomechanics. Let’s say…

Building the Backpacking Athlete

Everyone is an athlete. Everyone can be an athlete. Everyone should be an athlete. The minute you start seeing yourself as an athlete, good things happen. Your athletic identity guides you to not just exercise, eat well, and be healthy – but to train for peak performance in your chosen sport or passion pursuit. Almost magically, your behaviors become purpose-driven…

Ep212 – Hiking the St. Francis Way with Tammy Walker!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep212 - Hiking the St. Francis Way with Tammy Walker!

Sometimes you have great fortune in this life. You get to hang out with cool people. People who bring you up, and who inspire you to do the same for others. This is how it goes with Tammy Walker, my friend, colleague, and training partner for many years. Tammy is a Renaissance woman who embodies and exemplifies the concept of…