Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions that you may find helpful.

What exactly do we do at TLA and what makes it unique? We combine evidence-based methodology with artfully applied coaching to optimize the human condition. We don’t just improve lifestyle elements such as sleep, nutrition, stress management, and ergonomics in the interest of wellness and longevity. Nor do we only enhance cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal fitness through training programs that restore, develop, and maintain apex central nervous system function in every athletic and life application. TLA programming and coaching is unique because it integrates all those elements into a comprehensive system that is scalable and adaptable to every individual’s performance needs…at any age.

What is online health and performance coaching? At TLA, online coaching is the delivery of cutting-edge programming in athletic conditioning, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. We establish and maintain our network with text, audio, and video delivered via thelifetimeathlete.com and several other communication platforms, including Instagram, Zoom, MailChimp, The Lifetime Athlete YouTube Channel, the Lifetime Athlete Podcast, and TrainingPeaks.

How much does online coaching cost at TLA? In answering this question I like to use an analogy. Achieving your performance, pain resolution, and health goals is kinda like getting across town.

  • Let’s say you want the free option. In getting across town, you could simply walk. It doesn’t cost you anything and provides quite a few benefits, but it takes a little time and effort. Likewise, at thelifetimeathlete.com there are literally hundreds of completely free articles, podcasts, and videos — all sharing the pearls of peak performance wisdom we use with every client. You can subscribe to the (totally free) Peak Performance Update to receive weekly informative emails.
  • Maybe you prefer to use public transportation. So you take the bus. It doesn’t cost much and you share it with likeminded folks. Or at TLA, you join the Training Tribe and become part of a nationwide team that uses a proprietary Annual Training Plan with a block periodized system of conditioning in the 5 Capacities of Human Performance (strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance). You get private access to daily workouts, a members-only Forum, weekly live MasterClass sessions which feature bonus workouts, injury resolution, and health education. And more!
  • Or you choose to grab an Uber. This might look like a Coaching Consultation or two, a Personalized Training Program, or a Home Gym Setup service. Or grab an online course or conditioning program like Fit for the Field.
  • Perhaps you like your own, personal vehicle which is convenient, comfortable and to which you have 24/7 access. That’s what the Lifetime Performance Coaching subscription is at TLA. This is our premier service offering and it provides your own customized, dynamic training program (which is continuously updated) and round-the-clock access to your coach (me) via unlimited phone, text, and email support, along with weekly videoconference sessions.

Every coaching service at TLA provides value way beyond its price point. All the pricing is transparent on the scheduling page, there are no contracts or hidden charges, and you can cancel at any time. I’ve worked hard to create something for everyone and just about anyone can find a good fit. Naturally, I’m a staunch believer in this system and I truly believe it costs you gains in health and performance not to sign up.

How can I sign up for online coaching? Under the “Coaching” menu item, just hit the “Schedule Your Coaching Appointment” button. This takes you to the scheduling page where you can “choose appointment.” If you are just looking to set up one session, snag the “Lifetime Performance Coaching Consultation” option and away you go. If you are purchasing a package or subscription, once you complete the transaction you’ll be issued a coupon code for your sessions and you can simply return to the appointment page and select your preferred date and time for your coaching consultations. You’ll be able to enter your coupon code on the payment page and sync up with the calendar of your choice.

How can I join the Training Tribe? Choose the menu item “Training Tribe.” You can read through the description and sign up at the bottom of the page. Easy peasy.

How do I create a personalized training program? Simply smash the “Schedule Your Coaching Appointment” button and select Personalized Training Program. From there you’ll be able to schedule your initial interview over Zoom and get started. We take into account your goals, concerns, injuries, conditioning level, likes/dislikes and more to craft a customized system that gets you real results. Then we follow up with a complimentary meeting to go over everything and make sure you are set up to win.

How can I get help designing my home gym? Tap the “Schedule Your Coaching Appointment” button and choose the Customized Home Gym Design option. Setting up a home training facility based on your space, budget, and goals — and that you’ll use and love — has never been easier.

How can I improve my body composition? Losing body fat and gaining or maintaining muscle mass is essentially a triple-edged sword, or 3-blade broadhead to use a better analogy. Diet matters, and a sound nutritional plan that matches your palate, genetics, training level, and goals is important. Training, which is turning exercise into a goal-driven, purpose-built plan is essential. And a lifestyle which optimizes stress, recovery, sleep, relationships, ergonomics, and a few other keys is the ticket. At TLA, all the coaching applications take these things into account and we personalize your body comp optimization system.

What is a health-first conditioning approach? This is the foundation of The Lifetime Athlete 5-3-1 System. You apply the 5 components of Lifelong Health (food, sleep, movement, ergonomics, and awareness) with the 3 essential elements of Peak Performance (training, recovery, and mindset) to become the 1 Lifetime Athlete you deserve to be and for which your genes are programmed.

How can I develop a long term athletic development plan? An LTAD is critical if your goal is to achieve and maintain high performance and lasting functionality through the lifespan. And of course that is your goal or at least it should be! Knowing yourself, including your body type, training preferences, and strengths and weaknesses is a key in creating your LTAD. It’s equally important to be flexible in application, and to adjust your plan as your life evolves.

What characteristics identify a Lifetime Athlete? First of all, everybody is an athlete. At TLA, the goal is to help you to discover and embrace your inner athlete…how you see yourself, what you want to do, and who you want to be. A Lifetime Athlete is a peak performer at any age who is not only good at an area of specialization but also exhibits versatility, resilience, and robustness. This applies to sports and fitness, but also to participation in a high quality life such as playing with your grandkids and maintaining functional independence as you acquire maturation and wisdom. There are three defining characteristics that all Lifetime Athletes have in common. They are motivated. They are eager to engage in a coaching relationship. And they are willing to invest the time and energy required to achieve their goals. Over thousands of cases, I’ve seen success defined by these attributes.

What is being Hard to Kill? It’s being strong, fast, agile, and durable…of body and mind. It’s the opposite of weak, slow, stiff, and fragile. This makes you more resistant to breakdown and simply able to both accomplish and contribute more in everything you do. Research supports that refusing to lose is an even more important motivator than the will to win. What we’re talking about here is a “Never Say Die” attitude toward your passion pursuits…being able to keep doing what you love. This not only applies to sports and fitness, but to your relationships, career, and living a life of joy. HTK is not just the focus, it’s the ethos at TLA.

What do you mean by Die Late, Die Healthy, Die Fast? Die Late means living a reasonably long and full, high-quality life. Die Healthy describes a long healthspan in which you are vibrant right up until the end instead of a protracted decline for several decades propped up by medications, procedures, and institutionalization. Die Fast means going quickly when it’s time and without prolonged suffering. While achieving all of this in every case is not always possible, it’s certainly the goal and it’s what everyone deserves. I profoundly believe it’s what we as individuals, and as a society, should be striving for and I’m convinced the things we do at TLA are of critical importance.

What is a MOVEMENTSMITH? Put simply, a movementsmith is someone who owns every position and possesses mastery of motion in every direction. This is a major emphasis in our methods and in my work with every client.

How do I solve or prevent chronic injury problems? For Lifetime Athletes, this comes down to optimizing your movement so that you can express the athletic qualities of strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance with absolute grace and supple fluidity. When this condition is present, your movements are joint-sparing and your training patterns are systemically-enhancing. Movement is an art form and a skill which is meant to be practiced. It should never be painful nor should it be exceedingly difficult. I teach my clients how to utilize corrective and restorative strategies for their specific conditions. Getting out of the chronic pain and rehab loop and into lifelong peak performance is always a major goal at TLA.

Who is an ideal client at TLA? Someone with a problem to solve. This could be the search for that performance breakthrough which never seems to show up. Or it might be a pain issue that has not responded to your best efforts or those of other clinicians. It may also be health and bodycomp concerns where you just can’t seem to look and feel your best no matter what you do. The ideal TLA client is seriously motivated toward the goal, committed to put in the necessary time and energy, and eager to participate in the coaching relationship. Results come from consistent dedication and investment and clients who value these traits have incredible success.

Put even more simply, what do you offer and to whom? The promise of vitality. To maturing people who are passionately pursuing vigorous lives and who possess the motivation and willingness to invest wholeheartedly in performance and longevity.

What are Coach JZ’s credentials? Here’s a bio page that tells you a little more about me. You can also contact me if you have questions about my qualifications and experience, as well as any of the systems and methods used at TLA to get those amazing and lasting results with clients from all walks of life.