Do what you do…do what you LOVE — the best you can — for your entire LIFE! If you are passionate about your performance, and your long term health, you’ve come to the right place! TLA offers the ultimate in cutting-edge online physical therapy and performance coaching services. You can crush your goals and solve your pain or injury problems. Get one-on-one coaching, expert movement analysis, and personalized training programs.

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Are you tired of confusing training programs and ineffective coaching? Are you frustrated by endless unnecessary office appointments and a lack of results? No matter what your sport or fitness goal is, you deserve access to the same, evidence-based methodologies the pros use to be a healthy, pain-free, and peak performing Lifetime Athlete…just like every actual client pictured on this website!

I deeply understand and appreciate your challenges, and I respect your goals. I’ve been through this journey with thousands of clients and helped them to succeed in their performance and fitness pursuits. Here is what one client has to say:

“I would, in a heartbeat, do whatever it takes to find a good coach. Find someone who is committed and who knows what they are doing. The difference in my performance from working with John at The Lifetime Athlete and from working on my own was incredible. I saw my body and fitness level transformed from the coaching. And as people think about where they want to invest, I would easily give up the advanced equipment if I had to choose between that and the coaching I got from John.”

Clem Naples, Ironman triathlete and TLA client

I’m John Zombro, physical therapist and athletic performance coach. I can help you to be stronger, faster, more agile, more powerful, and more durable — without compromising your health or sacrificing your longevity. When we work together you’ll become, and remain, a more athletic athlete…because you will develop your strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance like never before. You’ll be HARD TO KILL — and not just on the playing field — but in the game of LIFE! We’ll identify your problems and needs, then put together the programming and coaching relationship that will lead to the WINS! Here are some testimonials about my work.

Getting on your path to lifetime performance is simple and straightforward. I provide online athletic performance, pain resolution, and fitness coaching — in group and 1-on-1 formats. These services don’t just bridge the gap between physical therapy and strength and conditioning. They not only marry athletic preparation with athletic restoration, they take athletic optimization into athletic perpetuation. Become and stay, your BEST, for life! Schedule your coaching appointment and we’ll get right to work.

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Let’s work together so that you can eliminate pain and finally reach those peak performances you’ve always dreamed about. Become a Lifetime Athlete, smash your goals, look and feel great, and Kick Ass…in — and for — LIFE!

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