I’m working on a series of books in the sports, health, and fitness arenas. These books are filled with practical information to help YOU Achieve Peak Performance at Any Age! Exclusively at

Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential!

AnimalFIT: Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential!…The body type assessment and training guide that will change your life. Identify and embrace the animal that resides within you! Leverage this knowledge to 10x your training, results, and longevity!

Project JACKED!: A Comprehensive Weight Loss, Health Enhancement, Fitness, and Metabolic Reset Program…A true wellness crowd-sourcing project, Project JACKED! takes you through a simple, and extremely effective 4-month program that helps you to lose bodyfat, increase lean mass, restore health, and take back the control of your life. Using the most current scientific approaches to exercise, nutritional programming, and supportive lifestyle factors, this book lays it all out in a clear, concise plan. Written as a real-world, real-life story, you go through every well-defined step in the transformation with the participants in the pilot study of this powerful intervention. Readers can also take advantage of the JACKED! support page for additional resources.

Project Full Circle Squared: One Lap Under One Minute is the tale of how I applied many of the training, nutrition, and lifestyle principles of The Lifetime Athlete to myself, as the test subject of “The Project.” I pursued and achieved the athletic goal of running under 60 seconds in the 400 meters at age 52. In the book, I report on that process and provide many informative tips on fitness training, as well as a a few entertaining stories and a bit of humor. This journey was about a lot more than a sporting achievement. It emphasizes embracing middle age and celebrating life and all its possibilities.

Project 9.10.17: Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat looks closely at the common goals in training and nutrition of losing weight and gaining muscle mass. In this journey I attempt to manipulate metabolism to gain 10 pounds of muscle mass while maintaining 9% bodyfat, in the year 2017.  This is a detailed look at exercise methodology, dietary approaches including nutritional ketosis, and extensive data collection. If you want to make sense of the science, and learn how to lose or gain weight, improve your health, and make those changes sustainable, you’ll enjoy this Project.

(and…a new Lifetime Athlete book…coming soon)

HARD TO KILL…On the Playing Field and in the Game of Life! How to Train Through the Lifespan and Achieve Peak Performance at Any Age!

This is the ultimate guide to practical, results-oriented training. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a lack of success due to confusing, often contradictory, and ineffective training programs…this is the book for you! With a “science meets common sense” approach, that takes research-proven techniques and makes them simple to understand and apply, this book will help you to increase your fitness, your health, and your performance at any and every life goal!

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