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Ep241 – Summer Outdoor Training!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep241 - Summer Outdoor Training!

It’s summer, and it’s time for outdoor training! In this episode, PK & I discuss the ins and outs (mainly the OUT-sides) of summer training. Learning how to take your fitness and supplemental sports workouts into the great outdoors, set up a group, and get amazing results are some of the takeaways from this podcast. Thanks for listening! This podcast…

Summer Solstice Training Suggestions

The glory of summer is upon us as we greet the solstice and enjoy the warm, sun-filled days. I’m sure you are psyched to get the most out of your favorite activities and sports. Doing so can be made even more effective and enjoyable when you know your inner beast and how to best train it. Whether you run, play…