Hard to Kill

Hard to Kill is the central tenet of being a Lifetime Athlete. When you are at peak performance capacity, you are harder to vanquish in competition and in the pursuit of any fitness or life goal. You are also more full of LIFE. To put it simply…you are Hard to Kill. Are you interested in becoming stronger, faster, more mobile, and more durable? Wanna get better at not just dealing with life, but at excelling in it? You deserve to live a long, healthy, and peak-performing life. There are 2 simple objectives for every human:

  • Perform at your highest possible level — in sports, fitness, relationships, business, and happiness!
  • Die late, die healthy, die fast!

The Hard to Kill Workshop teaches you how not to be weak, slow, stiff, and fragile. Peak performance training and performance techniques are not just for elite athletes, actors, executives, and special operators. You can embrace your inner athlete and get lean, healthy, fit, athletic…and:

  • Be your best YOU and get the most out of life!
  • Avoid dying early, sick, and slowly!

If you are a motivated athlete, the Hard to Kill Workshop will help you to:

  • Get more out of your training and achieve higher results in any sport.
  • Balance recovery and lifestyle practices to avoid sacrificing health for performance.

If you are a health and fitness enthusiast, the Hard to Kill Workshop will teach you:

  • How to make sense of all the sometimes confusing, and often conflicting information out there.
  • Use evidence-based approaches to come up with clear plans and effective programs for YOUR goals.

If you are a coach, trainer, therapist, or health care professional, Hard to Kill will assist you in:

  • Understanding how to adjust programming to better fit every client or patient.
  • Communicating the how’s and why’s of exercise, training, and lifestyle more effectively.

Here are a few highlights of the seminar:

  • The Hard to Kill Workshop is an informative, engaging presentation that will teach you to:
    • Understand and appreciate the components of health; why they are interrelated, how to maximize them, and what not to do in key areas as well as what to emphasize.
      • Why the basics aren’t complicated, but are so effective, because they balance hormones and regulate metabolism.
    • Train optimally for your goals by designing programs that apply flexible guidelines, allow you to project and interpret workload, get the most out of recovery, and stay healthy, fit, and high-performing. 
      • The nuts and bolts of block periodization, intensity, volume, and key performance indicators…and how to figure out what works best for YOU.
    • Facilitate a mindset that fosters positivity, growth, wisdom, and success.
      • A worldview and an internal focus that lets you get the most out of yourself and feel the best about it…and support others in doing the same.
    • Movement optimization education on breathing techniques, functional lifting and squatting, postural correction, and gait mechanics.
    • Digital resources provided for all participants.

Achieve peak performance at any age. Be a Lifetime Athlete. Become Hard to Kill! For information on how to bring the Hard to Kill Workshop to your group or business, contact me and we’ll make it happen.

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