Online PT

Telehealth is a rapidly evolving segment of the healthcare service industry. This is simply the delivery of medical and healthcare services using an online, videoconferencing model. And teletherapy, or telePT, is an outstanding way to get both relief and results…fast. I provide online physical therapy evaluations and consultations for a variety of orthopedic pain conditions and sports injuries. This is an extremely efficient and effective way to identify the root cause of your problem, determine the most appropriate solution, get immediate exercise prescription and rehabilitation recommendations, and get back to getting on with your life. Why spend time in traffic and waiting rooms and get less one-on-one professional attention from your therapist? Use interactive videoconferencing and harness technology to save time, energy, money, and frustration.

As a Board-Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and a human performance expert with 35 years experience, I apply my expertise to helping you solve your pain and injury issues once and for all. Working with a master clinician cuts through all the BS, and quickly helps you to find and fix your movement and functional problems with simple, targeted exercise solutions. This service is currently available to Montana residents but will be available in 28 states in the near future, as the telePT revolution is sweeping the country. To learn All About telePT, additional information is available.

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