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Summer Solstice Training Suggestions

The glory of summer is upon us as we greet the solstice and enjoy the warm, sun-filled days. I’m sure you are psyched to get the most out of your favorite activities and sports. Doing so can be made even more effective and enjoyable when you know your inner beast and how to best train it. Whether you run, play…

Ep187 – Training the Elastic Athlete

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep187 - Training the Elastic Athlete

Training the elastic athlete is an art form. When an athlete possesses high potential for speed and agility, there are specific considerations for optimal training. In this episode, PK & I discuss some of the traits and training principles for elastic athletes which are featured in my book, AnimalFIT. I think you’ll find this discussion quite useful in both understanding…

The AnimalFIT Jump Test

How you jump can provide a solid indication of the type of athlete you are. When you view a movement task as a problem-solving exercise, your body will automatically self-select the jumping pattern that best fits your body type. It’s all in my new book, AnimalFIT!