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Standardized Nomenclature for Footwork

Getting on the same page. Speaking the same language. This is good when we want to avoid confusion and increase effectiveness. When talking about footwork, specifically in reference to some common athletic movements, standardized nomenclature is essential. What I find, and I’m sure you have also, is that there is a bit of a disconnect when it comes to footwork.…

Ep236 – Footwork Nomenclature

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep236 - Footwork Nomenclature

The Training Tribe is moving into the Power Block. Some of the workouts are heading outdoors on grass. T2 members are working on moving more explosively and athletically. Some of this includes footwork. Drills, change of direction, acceleration, and other key moves. Footwork nomenclature is the topic of today’s discussion. Understanding the differences between hops, jumps, bounds, and leaps can…