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Ep192 – Load Management for Lifetime Athletes

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep192 - Load Management for Lifetime Athletes

Load management for lifetime athletes is a critical consideration. Staying healthy, feeling great, and performing optimally are the result of proper load management. The failure to manage load, or load mismanagement, results in breakdown, burnout, and injury. Loads are stressors, and globally they include things like weather, job and relationship issues, poor sleep, suboptimal nutrition, etc. In training, we consider…

Load Management for Lifetime Athletes

Hi there, friend! Have you ever heard the term “load management” and wondered exactly what that meant? Have you pondered how you can manage loads in both training and life to be more successful in performance and health? That’s what this relatively brief read will explain. Let’s dive in! Before we can get to managing load, we have to understand…