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Ep197 – Running Performance…Optimal Stride Length

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep197 - Running Performance...Optimal Stride Length

Optimal stride length is a key in running performance. Many runners and athletes wonder “How long should my stride be?” That’s the question we address in today’s episode. We look specifically at understriding and overstriding and how to correct these issues. Enjoy! This podcast was brought to you by The Lifetime Athlete Coaching and Training Services. Our focus is helping…

Running Performance…Optimal Stride Length for Runners

Now this is a fascinating topic! A very commonly asked question that I receive often from clients is “How long should my stride be?” As with many things, the answer often starts with “it depends.”  However, for any running body at a given speed, there is an ideal length of stride that optimizes running economy and efficiency. That’s where we…