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Ep266 – Thanksgiving Thoughts

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep266 - Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving. In this episode I share some gratitude and reflections on the season! This podcast was brought to you by The Lifetime Athlete Coaching and Training Services. Our focus is helping you to achieve peak athletic performance in any sport or fitness pursuit…fine tune your body composition to get lean, healthy, shredded, and jacked…and solve the root cause of…

Thanksgiving Thoughts

It’s Thanksgiving time. This is a fabulous time of year when we officially celebrate the end of Autumn, the bountiful harvest, and our good fortune. Beyond the gatherings and turkey dinners, we have many traditions to appreciate the season and opportunities to officially reflect on our gratitude. Today’s missive is entitled “Thanksgiving Thoughts” and it’s a combination of things I’m…