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The WISE System

The Workload Impact Systemic Evaluation System [This document is a guide for clients on how to use the WISE™ System. It is an excerpt from my upcoming book on training for peak performance through the lifespan.] The WISE system is how we get wise about training. It is based upon the simplification of the training parameters of intensity, duration, workload,…

Ep134 – Intelligent Training…the WISE System

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep134 - Intelligent Training...the WISE System

As we progress through our series this month on Peak Performance Training, we’ve gone from personalizing training to making workouts more effective. Now, we arrive at intelligent training. And we do this by using the WISE System. This is my proprietary system that I use with all my coaching clients. It’s a numeric and color-coded method that allow us to…