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Ep204 – Training for a Thanksgiving Race!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep204 - Training for a Thanksgiving Race!

It’s Turkey Trot time! All across the country, runners and athletes of all types are training for a Thanksgiving race. This episode provides you with a few key workouts that can make your T-day run a great success. Enjoy! This podcast was brought to you by The Lifetime Athlete Coaching and Training Services. Our focus is helping you to achieve…

Turkey Trot Tuneup

All across the country, one of the most popular running events is the Thanksgiving run. With lots of creative names surrounding the holiday theme, these races usually occur in November. The distance of the run can vary, but many are of the 5-mile or 8k variety. This article will offer some tips to help you get tuned up for such…