Let’s Make 2017 Our Best Year Ever!

The New Year is upon us and I sincerely hope that you had a great 2016 and a wonderful holiday season! I’m filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the coming year, and for all the fantastic new information we can use to enhance our health, fitness, and happiness. This is a short post to start the calendar off right and to let you know about some of the things The Lifetime Body will be doing in 2017.

Readership has continued to grow for this newsfeed (formerly the newsletter) and I look forward to seeing more of the same this year. The submissions will continue to focus on providing current, helpful information regarding diet, exercise, lifestyle, and related topics that contribute to wellness. Some of the posts will be reviews of recent literature, and others will profile people, products, or other innovations that can really make a difference in our lives. I’ll do my best to keep it informative, entertaining, and authentic.

The website will continue to grow and add features, and will evolve into a resource for healthy living and increased performance. Coming up soon will be a new photo shoot with some of our clients that really represents the optimization of health through the lifespan.

Last year I had so much fun with “Project Full Circle Squared 2016”, in which I used many of the methods, hacks, tips, and secrets in health and training to run a sub-60 second 400 meters. It was great fun to apply the science, make plenty of errors, learn a ton, and eventually accomplish a goal (198 days). And it was such a humbling and enjoyable process to tell the story as it unfolded. Those posts have been removed from the website but will return soon bundled as an e-book. This year, I’m doing another “blog-along”, and a separate post will be out later this week describing it in detail. It’s another “N of 1” case study on a unique health and fitness variable.

Thanks so much for all the inspiration and guidance you give me. Every client I work with, whether that be in a physical therapy visit, a personal health consultation, a presentation, a coaching relationship, a training session, or a fitness class, has given me great motivation to keep doing these things, and to continually strive to do them better. Let’s see what we can do this year!

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