Reflections and Gratitude

As the sun is setting on another year, and 2017 was a great one at that, and in Montana we are immersed in our cold and dark season, I look back on the year with many memories, and with much thanks.


I’m not known for being all that timely with holiday cards and presents, so this post might represent an improvement in my performance in the category. If such things really matter, and if score is being kept somewhere. But in my most sincere voice, I want to articulate a heartfelt, “Thank You” for your readership and support of The Lifetime Body. I’m now into the 3rd year of what I projected to be a 3-year journey, and it has been everything and more I’d hoped for when I chose this path 28 months ago. I’ve evolved both physically and spiritually, and learned so much. With fits and starts, and a fair amount of effort, I’ve transitioned my career into one in which I can write and speak about wellness, and deliver that message to more and more people as was my original intent. As I look back, I do so with much gratitude, but perhaps more importantly, I look forward with levels of excitement, enthusiasm, and optimism which are as high or higher than I have ever experienced.


Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for and with you on all these projects and quests for ultimate wellness and highest-level living. Thank you for being in my life.


I wish you the most wonderful holiday season and I sincerely believe that together we can make 2018 our best year ever. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may you view each day as a new beginning in which you create the best lifetime for yourself and everyone around you.


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