Putting Struggles with Weight Loss in the Rearview Mirror

Weight loss isn’t complicated. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it really can be EFFORTLESS!

We have a genuine need for body weight reduction in much of our population. There is no denying that. We’re currently faced with an obesity epidemic and all the associated disease and diminished quality of life it brings. And there are also many people who are relatively healthy, but just want or need to lose a few pounds to improve their performance in any number of capacities.

Unfortunately, we are inundated with what is essentially misinformation surrounding the topic of weight loss. Television shows, celebrities, media influencers, and other “experts” are everywhere…each with their spin on successful weight loss.

I see several problems. First, many of these programs are based around the habits of genetically-gifted 20-somethings, who would actually be lean no matter what they did. Theirs and much of the other advice out there is not based on current science and extensive experience. Second, many of the popular, but unsuccessful approaches to weight loss lack a thorough basis in metabolism and physiology. And they tend to foster unrealistic expectations that ultimately undermine self esteem in the participants.

To be truthful, I’m not all that interested in weight loss in and of itself. I’m focused on helping people (and myself) to get and stay Healthy, achieve Peak Performance, and enjoy a long, productive, satisfying LIFE. And in pursuing those objectives, I recognize it is necessary to bring body fat levels into desirable ranges. So I’m in agreement that weight loss should really be FAT LOSS.

Poor programming often results in minimal fat reduction, a loss in muscle mass, and a decline in overall health. Chronic states of deprivation and constant hunger lead to mediocre results that are temporary at best due to the lack of sustainable lifestyle practices. And the emphasis on “eat less and exercise more” is a somewhat flawed premise, as it produces excessive inflammation, metabolic slowdown, and fat re-gain.

Not so with Effortless Weight Loss, the latest Lifetime Body Program. EWL is an evidence-based system that leverages current research into 10 simple steps to your ideal weight. It is all about celebration instead of sacrifice. Using the elements of EWL, you can learn how to upregulate your metabolism, burn body fat easily, and get results that are comfortable and sustainable. EWL is an easily navigable e-book, rich with explanatory text and informative video, that helps you to comfortably achieve your weight loss goals. It makes losing weight and keeping it off a simple and seamless process. Actually, this program makes your weight loss effortless. Check out the introductory video and download your copy today.

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